I love the outdoors, walking on the beach or in the woodland surrounded by trees – especially the beaches at home in my beloved Cornwall where I was brought up, yep I’m a Cornish lass and grateful to still have most of my family there.

Walking barefoot in and around my garden watering all my little flower pot plants whilst listening to one of my podcasts

Salted Caramel & Rum & raisin ice cream, its super delicious.

Anything Spiritual, the moon, the stars & Journaling

I love all plants and have names for all of mine , crazy I know but it makes me happy!


 Helping & watching others grow

 Anything wellness related

Cooking/Baking at home


Snakes – i’ve had a terrible fear of snakes for as long as I can remember….. I recall one day a friend of mine thought it would funny to chase me around with a slow worm, lets just say I really wasn’t impressed.

Flying – I also have a massive fear of flying so don’t often fly anywhere ….but this is one fear I am definitely going to overcome not only for myself within but for my family so we can go on many adventures together.


All of my photography packages start from £400 (HD)

I work with one client per week which allows me to give my full attention to each client that I work with.

HD (Half Day) – £400

FD (Full Day)  – £600

Schedule a 20 minute consultation call

Pre consultation meeting to discuss the brief/project 

40+ images – I take lots of images so you may end up with more than expected, all images will be selected by me.

Your image files will be sent across to you by We Transfer where you will be required to download within 7 days. 


Start from £400, please message me to book